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Credit Card is easing the payment system significantly as we are moving towards a cashless society. And it can be quoted as the most convenient way for payment these days. If one has a Credit Card, then he doesn’t need to worry about carrying cash. All it requires is card to do anything now!

Credit Card are not only easing our daily payment routines and offering us unmatched purchase deals, but it also helps us in recording our daily expenses electrically which can help us meet saving goals. Intelligent use of credit card also make us earn extra reward points. Having such benefits, credit card can also land you in troubles if not used intelligently!

Below are some tips on how to use credit card intelligently. This way you can utilize credit card efficiently!

  1. Select as per your requirement: Firstly, choose the credit card wisely. If you want a credit card with fuel benefit, then getting a credit card that offers you discounted plane rides will be of no use for you.
  2. Consider the interest rate: EMI with credit card would be a great burden on your monthly income. Its better to get a credit card with least interest rate.
  3. Don’t forget, it’s a short term Loan: Before using your credit card for an extravaganza, do remember that credit card is a short term loan which you have to pay back afterwards. It can have a very high rate of interest if not paid within the due date. Overspending by your card can land you in great trouble (debt) that would eventually disturb your financial health.
  4. Repay timely: Repayment of credit card bills timely helps you build your credit score. Pay attention to your monthly statements, due dates, fees and interest rates to avoid any extra charges. Paying the minimum due amount will result in huge interest payouts, while not paying or settling your credit card dues leads to a severe adverse effect on your credit score. So play it smart and make sure you never miss your scheduled credit card payments. If for whatever reason you are unable to pay off your credit card dues within the stipulated time, try and get those converted to EMIs to save on the interest charges.
  5. Stay Vigilant: Always keep a hawk’s eye on the usage of credit card to avoid being a victim of financial fraud. By paying extra attention you can avoid being a prey of credit card scammers. Also, avoid allowing others to use your credit card and never disclose the credit card PIN to others to avoid the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

By adhering to these simple tips you can get the most out of your credit card, while ensuring that you avoid the key pitfalls associated with its use.

Choose wisely and enjoy its Benefits! 🙂