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In a world of sizeable packages and attractive features and benefits, each person desires to have their own credit card. The purposes stretch far and beyond as you can pay off your utility bills and avail vouchers on travel, fuel, lifestyle and many more. There however, exist certain necessary criteria when you apply for one with your income statements and application form being the most important ones. Basically, you will need to measure up the pros and cons before going for a credit card and also the type of card that you will need depending on your requirements.

But which one to go for? You would certainly think about the type of credit card, your credit profile and of course, fulfilling the requisite eligibility criteria. With all such factors working in tandem, it makes the decision all the more confusing. To sort that out, here are some major types of credit cards that you get to select from with most banks offering their range:

1) LIFESTYLE: Serving you with an exclusive set of features and lifting you up to an advanced level of luxury, lifestyle credit cards offer reward points on every transaction you make with your card at select outlets such as fashion stores or restaurants, to name a few. Redeeming these points can provide you with the chance to avail exciting gifts with entertainment sources such as movies or gaming arenas always having their own specific benefits. On the whole, your one stop shop for recreation or business alike is your lifestyle credit card adding a new dimension of convenience for you.

2) FUEL: As the name suggests, this custom category of credit cards offer waivers on fuel and its associated surcharges. In addition, the reward points will be accumulated in a specially designed “Rewards Redemption” program wherein for all the transactions that you make anywhere, you would be awarded with a number of points. Redeem these points anywhere across India’s fuel retail outlets to garner the benefit and also stand the chance to receive vouchers from the fuel company’s merchant partners and major brands.

3) TRAVEL: Presenting a great opportunity to amass loyalty discounts and travel points, travel credit cards ensure that your holiday turns out to be a successful and luxurious one. Getting healthy benefits on airlines and hotel partners only ensures that the card, as an overall package, appeals to you. Despite different transaction fees, they do come across as flexible options. Also on offer is complimentary access to premium airport lounges and in some cases, a special reward program for frequent flyers and travellers as well. Be it hotel stays or car rentals, it all gets covered under this.

4) PREMIUM: Yet again, the customisation of the credit cards in this case depends on the reward points program that has been offered by the banks. Hence, it has been specifically designed for the higher income level professionals as it involves a higher credit limit and interest charges as well. With a wide range of benefits on entertainment, shopping, hotels and other amenities, the premium credit card also provides you with a priority membership pass which includes comprehensive insurance bonuses.

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