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HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

If you are searching to make HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment online or offline, then you are at the right place. Here, we will show how you can make HDFC credit card payment online as well offline in very simple steps with all available options. HDFC bank offers a variety of ways to pay outstanding credit card bills. Here, we have shared all the ways to make the HDFC card payment. You can use any way to pay your bill.

NOTE: For your safety, we highly recommend opening official website by either manually entering the URL or through Google search.

How to make HDFC Credit Card Payment Online

We have compiled best ways to make HDFC credit card bill payment online. And we have categorised it  in three ways as follows:

1. For HDFC account holders
2. For Non account holders
3. HDFC Offline Payment mode – Cash or Cheque

Let us first start with options available for HDFC bank account holders to make the hdfc card payment.

With increasing phishing attacks, it is recommended that you carefully make HDFC credit card payment online. Always make payment from your personal computer instead of using cyber cafe.

For HDFC Bank Account Holders

Users having an account with HDFC can use any of the following HDFC credit card bill payment.

1. HDFC Net Banking

First of all, users have to register themselves at https://www.billdesk.com/hdfc/. Users can start paying credit card bills online after registration. After login at HDFC Net Banking, link the credit cards to net banking using the ATM PIN. With this facility, users can view their credit card statements for last six months. It will show the credit limit with due dates, all transactions, earned reward points and outstanding bill amount.

2. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

Download the HDFC bank mobile banking app to your smartphones from the play store. It is available for Androids, Windows, and Blackberry phones.


Give a missed call on the toll free number 1800 270 3344 and you will receive the download link immediately.

Once you have the app on your phone, login the app using your customer ID.

At the credit card, select the option of ‘credit card payment.’ Now you can make HDFC credit card bill payments here.

3. Payment of HDFC Credit Card Bills by Mobile Banking Browser

Pay your credit card bills by logging on at www.m.hdfc.bank.com

This works just like the mobile app. Go to the credit card tab at this link and opt for ‘credit card payment.’ The outstanding bill amount will be debited from the savings account.

4. Using HDFC Debit Cards at HDFC ATMs

Make HDFC credit card bill payment at any HDFC ATM across India at any time. The outstanding amount can be transferred from your savings account or current account to the customer’s credit card account.

5. Monthly Autopay / Auto Debits

Autopay is the safest and less time-consuming method for HDFC credit card bill payment. You need to give standing instructions to the bank to auto debit on a specific date. You just need to be sure that your account has sufficient balance on that day. Every month the outstanding amount will be automatically debited on that date.

For Non-HDFC Bank Account Users

If you don’t have an account with HDFC Bank and holds a HDFC credit card,  then you can pay your hdfc credit card bill by the following online methods.

1. Net-Banking for Non-HDFC Accounts (Online)

Now net banking method is available to pay HDFC credit card bill payment from any bank accounts. Use the given link of HDFC billdesk. Check the box for ‘I agree with terms and conditions’ and click on blue coloured ‘Pay’ button at the bottom. The HDFC billdesk page also carries all instructions very clearly. You have to select your net banker from the list given in form of drop down menu.


2. NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer

No matter in whichever bank you hold an account, get the funds transferred from your account to the HDFC credit card account. You will be using the IFSC code of HDFC i.e. HDFC0000128 and request your bank to NEFT the amount towards HDFC card payment.

3. HDFC Visa-Card Pay Service

To pay through this method, register and log on to netbanking page of the HDFC. Follow the below steps:

Enter your customer id and password

Go to the option of ‘Third Party Funds Transfer’.

Select – Visa CardPay

Enter the details of the transfer with sender and recipient’s information

Confirm the transaction

4. Credit the beneficiary’s card

Now your account is debited online. The funds from your bank account will be transferred to the beneficiary bank in two working days. Then it will be accounted to your card account. HDFC charges nominal charge of Rs. 5 (including taxes) per each Visa CardPay transaction. You can pay maximum Rs. 49,999 per Visa CardPay transaction.

HDFC Card Payment – Offline / Manual Modes

There are some credit card users who are not willing to pay online. Offline methods are also very useful when you are not having internet access. You can do hdfc credit card bill payment through offline means as well. Here are the safe and manual modes to pay:

HDFC Card Payment Pay via Cash or Cheque

You can also pay the hdfc credit card bill at the HDFC Bank branch in cash. But every transaction made for hdfc credit card payment made at the HDFC Bank Branch or ATM will attract a processing fee of Rs. 100 for every transaction.

You can also pay hdfc credit card bill by depositing a cheque at the HDFC drop box either at any ATM or at any branch. The cheque should be payable to the HDFC bank credit card account. The payment will be credited to the HDFC credit card account in 3 working days.

Benefits to make HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Online

There are tons of benefits if you make HDFC credit card bill payment online. HDFC offer special offers for the online payment made by the customers. The HDFC credit card holders can earn many rewards like air travel points, cash back, etc. Online payment methods are time-saving and you can pay from the comfort of your home or office.

With all information on HDFC credit card payment, you can save yourself from delays and hassles in payment. We have also given ways of HDFC credit card bill payment for Non HDFC account holders. Those users who do not have an account with this bank can also make the HDFC credit card payment from any bank. We strongly suggest credit card users go through the details thoroughly.

Credit card bill payments are significant to pay on time. Stay updated on all the ways that you can use anytime with or without using the internet. No fees are charged for bill payment by HDFC for most of the ways. Some payment methods are charged the processing fees by bank. Hence, you can choose any method you like. All necessary information on how to make HDFC credit card bill payment is given further in details. All the necessary details and guides are covered on billpayment portal. Make sure you follow our portal carefully.

We have shown all ways of paying HDFC credit card bill payment online and offline. The different ways given here will help you to make your HDFC card payments on time. This will also maintain your goodwill with the bank. If you have any confusion, drop your comments here.