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Peer to peer lending, also known as P2P lending, which has recorded tremendous growth over last one year. The reason behind this growth is willingness of people to invest in the lending business, and that too for good reason. Idle money is like wasting valuable resource. Investors keep searching for better ways to make good investments that bring fixed returns over time. All these money goes to individuals who are looking for personal loans. In old days, only wealthy could borrow. However, nowdays, thanks to P2P lending platforms that personal loans are accessible by everyone, including individual salaried borrowers. Borrowing from an online platform like Loanuncle reduces your hassle of visiting the bank or NBFC, who most often leads to rejections. Loanuncle is one of the best platform to avail small personal loans without terms and conditions like banks. Advantages of using this online abound. A few of them include:

  • The opportunity to get lower and more decent interest rates according to your creditworthiness.
  • The ease of online application and verification.
  • Loanuncle assures you fast funding of the loan which means that the approval time of traditional financial institutions and the loan is paid to your account in less than three days.
  • Wrong verification standards of the traditional financial institutions do not apply because one can still get a loan with small loan requirements.
  • Open market place where anyone can become borrower.

There are different avenues to avail personal loans in India. However, none of them treat the issue as seriously as Loanuncle. Here, the issue of lending and borrowing is more focused on the money than the people. Lenders fund borrowers and add value to lives while creating hope and influencing the economy of different communities. It is ensured that people get out of credit card debts faster by using a cheap means of consolidating the debt. By using this platform, both lenders and borrowers can improve their finances. You can avail loans without the help of middleman, saving extra money going out of your pocket. At Loanuncle P2P Lending platform, no amount is too small to finance your future!

We at Loanuncle are actively collecting feedback from lenders and will share it with regulators to draft a progressive and beneficial regulations.