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SBI has opted automated appraisal system of employees to increase productivity. Upto 70% marks in employee appraisal will be based on efficiency and pace at which they deal with customers.

Here’s a surprise waiting for you at SBI Branches. Now you’ll see a way more responsive staff in the SBI Branches. SBI Chairman has announced that appraisal given to employees will now be linked to the pace and frequency at which deal with the customers. Now, time took to serve every single customer will be tracked down by a new software and it will help in comparing employees’ efficiency with that of fellow colleagues. Moreover, SBI chairman plans to link all promotion, incentives and placements with the appraisal.

“Every time an employee transacts, his fingerprint is there in the system. Today, we are not using the information. Going forward, the idea is to use this to reward those who need to be rewarded and improve those not trying hard enough,” said SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya. She said 70% of the marks during an appraisal will come automatically from the system. The remaining 30% will come from the branch head or controller, who will give some qualitative feedback. In addition, the bank will also seek feedback from customers for transactions through SMS and interactive voice response calls after a transaction.

“Besides promotions, we are linking their performance to posting and placements. We are telling the employee, if you perform well you can choose your posting. You can also choose the department that you want — credit, treasury or also subsidiaries,” said Bhattacharya.

“Today, if we want to hire 1,800 people, we get close to 18 lakh applications and we hire after a lot of vetting. The people are good. If they are not performing, there must be some reason. When they feel they are watched and being given the right incentives, I believe they will perform,” said Bhattacharya.

“If you look at employee benefits on a cost-to-company basis, we are better than the private sector. We provide employees with housing, newspaper and petrol reimbursements which do not show up in salary. Now, the thinking is to allow all of these to be put together and taken as cash,” said Bhattacharya.

The other reason why the bank is engaged in this appraisal exercise is that it is in a hurry to promote employees. “We are promoting employees very fast because of the vacuum we have in the middle as there were no recruitment for several years. A clerical employee who performs well can look forward to being promoted to an officer in four years and from there can even come to the position that I am in,” said Bhattacharya.