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Ever wondered what you will do if the cash you withdraw from the Bank ATM comes out be fake or counterfeit? Such cases are rising day by day, where ATM machine emitting duplicate or fake currency notes. Majorly, notes of 500 and 1000 are prone to get duplicated more than any other notes.

Every time you withdraw cash from ATM. we suggest you to check notes before leaving the ATM as you can easily bring the issue to notice.

However, if ever you still face this unfortunate situation, do not panic. Do this instead.

  1. Tell the ATM guard
    Because the ATM guard has a register where you can note down the note’s number, transaction id number, date and time. You must then take a picture of the complaint and then show it to the nearest bank branch. Do not in any case, throw away the withdrawal receipt and the message.
  2. Bank upon the Bank
    Once the bank takes notice of the fake note, it will scan the note. If it is a fake note, then it would be taken to the bank chest and destroyed. The bank will then return the specific amount which was withdrew as fake.
  3. If the bank turns a blind Eye
    You can straight away go to the RBI. Email RBI about the withdrawal and about the bank’s ignorance.
  4. Register a FIR
    You can also seek help from the police by registering the details of the withdrawal. The police will then look into the matter and investigate the problem.